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These archived pages are kept online as a service to marching band fans seeking historical marching band contest scores. Visit the Events section for current year event information.

DATE: Saturday, May 8, 1999
EVENT: California: City of Vallejo Band Festival, 
       Vallejo (Vallejo HS)
JUDGING BY: Not Specified

Class AA
95.75 Lincoln (sweepstakes)
91.00 Laguna Creek
87.00 Lodi
85.30 Tokay
82.45 San Bonito

Class A
93.90 Benicia
87.90 Franklin
82.75 Salinas
76.40 Newark

Class B
93.7 Foothill
85.5 Potaluma
84.8 Oakmont
84.6 South S.F.

Class C
84.15 Livingston
83.70 Dublin
82.40 Encinal

Thanks to Alex Gutierrez for this information.

DATE: Saturday, May 15, 1999
EVENT: New York: Seneca Falls Pageant of Bands, 
       Seneca Falls
JUDGING BY: Assembled Panel

92.00 South Seneca Central (Ovid & Interlaken), NY
86.00 Waterloo HS, NY
82.50 Moravia Central, NY

88.00 Prattsburgh Central, NY
83.00 Sandy Creek Central, NY
73.00 Cincinnatus Central, NY (Drum Major)

82.00 Chestnut Hill Middle (Liverpool), NY

78.00 Waterloo Middle, NY (Drum Major)

Class B: South Seneca Central (1st parade, color guard;
2nd concert, twirling corps; 3rd jazz, drumline)

Class C: Prattsburgh Central (1st jazz, concert, parade,
color guard, drumline)

JHS A: Chestnut Hill Middle (1st concert, parade; 2nd jazz)

JHS B: Waterloo Middle (1st jazz, parade, twirling corps, 
drumline; 3rd concert)

High School: Prattsburgh Central
Junior High School: Waterloo Middle

Thanks to Jonathan Armstrong for this information.

DATE: Saturday, May 15, 1999
EVENT: New York: Springville Pageant of Bands, 
JUDGING BY: Assembled Panel

Class AA
91.10 Hamburg HS, NY
90.45 Albion HS, NY

Class A
**.** Geneseo Central, NY (Guard, Drum Major Team)
93.20 Marion Central, NY

Class B
83.75 Genesee Valley Central, NY
78.85 West Valley Central, NY

Junior High
92.15 Lancaster Middle, NY (Drum Major)
78.95 Livonia Middle, NY
78.80 Akron Junior HS, NY

Best in class awards:
AA: Hamburg
A:  Marion Central (2nd parade, 1st concert, 1st jazz)
B:  St. Francis HS, Hamburg, NY (1st concert, 1st jazz)
JR: Lancaster Middle (1st parade, 1st jazz, 2nd concert)

Grand Champions: Lancaster Middle

Thanks to Jonathan Armstrong for this information.

DATE: Saturday, May 29, 1999
EVENT: New York: Batavia Pageant of Bands, Batavia
JUDGING BY: Assembled Panel

Class A
97.00 Medina HS, NY
89.50 Albion HS, NY

Class B
89.00 Marcus Whitman Central School, NY
84.00 Pembroke Central School, NY

Class C
81.00 Lima Christian Academy, NY
78.50 Arkport Central School, NY

Middle School Class
74.00 East Aurora Middle School, NY

97.00 Medina HS, NY

GRAND CHAMPIONS: Medina HS (1st field, parade, drum cadence, 
color guard, concert, and jazz; 2nd baton twirling)

Thanks to Jonathan Armstrong for this information.

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