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These archived pages are kept online as a service to marching band fans seeking historical marching band contest scores. Visit the Events section for current year event information.

DATE: Saturday, June 3, 2000
EVENT: New York: 51st Sherburne Pageant of Bands, 
       Sherburne (Sherburne-Earlville HS)
JUDGING BY: NY State Federation of Contest Judges


Class AAA
89.50 Oneida HS, NY
89.00 A-P-W HS (Atmar, Parish & Williamstown), NY
86.00 Roosevelt HS (Sioux Falls), South Dakota
80.00 Homer HS, NY
78.00 Norwich HS, NY (2nd overall DM)

Class AA
89.50 Pulaski HS, NY
83.50 Marion HS, NY
82.00 Fonda-Fultonville HS, NY
80.50 Sidney HS, NY
72.50 Unatego HS (Otego), NY
Participation: Greene HS & Delaware Academy HS (Delhi), NY

Class A
90.00 Sibley-Ocheyedan HS, Iowa
85.00 Oxford Academy & HS, NY
77.50 Morrisville-Eaton HS, NY
76.50 Waterville HS, NY
76.00 Dolgeville HS, NY

Class B
81.50 Richfield Springs HS, NY
76.00 Gilbertsville-Mount Upton HS, NY *-tie
76.00 Poland HS, NY *-tie
72.00 Edmeston HS, NY
68.50 McGraw HS, NY
Participation: Cincinnatus HS, NY

Class C
89.50 Laurens HS, NY (1st overall DM)
82.00 Oppenheim-Ephratah HS, NY
78.50 Worcester HS, NY
74.00 Andover HS, NY
69.00 Charlotte Valley HS (Davenport), NY
Participation: Franklin HS, NY & Morris HS, NY

JHS Class
80.50 North Syracuse JHS, NY
66.50 Unadilla Valley JHS (New Berlin), NY

Best of Class Awards:
AAA-Oneida HS, NY (1st in parade, concert)
AA-Marion HS, NY (1st in concert; 2nd in parade)
A-Oxford Academy & HS, NY (1st in concert; 2nd in parade, jazz, guard)
B-Gilbertsville-Mount Upton HS, NY (2nd in parade, jazz; 
  1st in concert; 3rd in guard)
C-Laurens HS, NY (1st in jazz, concert, guard, parade)

JHS Grand Champions: North Syracuse JHS, NY
Albert Whitney Achievement Award (overall HS champions): Laurens HS, NY
Frank L. Miller Outstanding Director Award: Laurens HS, NY
Ernie Maraon Color Guard Captain Award: North Syracuse JHS, NY

Thanks to Jon Armstrong for this information.

DATE: Friday-Saturday, June 2-3, 2000
EVENT: New York: Gorham Pageant of Bands, Gorham
JUDGING BY: NY State Federation of Contest Judges

1. Medina HS, NY

Junior High Class A
1. Central Square (DM)
2. Geneva

Senior High Class C
1. Lima Christan HS, NY
2. Arkport HS, NY
3. South Seneca HS, NY

Class CC
1. Bishop Kearney HS, NY

Class B
1. Waterloo HS, NY (Guard, Twirling Team)
2. Penn Yan HS, NY

Class A
1. Medina HS, NY (DM, Guard, Percussion)
2. Batavia HS, NY
3. Hilton HS, NY (Dance Team, Percussion)
4. Geneva HS, NY

Open Class
1. Naples HS, NY (Guard)
2. Prattsburgh HS, NY
3. Geneseo HS, NY

Class A Jr High Champion - Geneva
Class C High School Champion - Prattsburgh
Class CC Champion - Bishop Kearney
Class B Champion - Waterloo
Class A Champion - Medina 

Junior High Grand Champions - Geneva
Senior High Grand Champions - Medina

Thanks to Matthew Benton for this information.

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