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These archived pages are kept online as a service to marching band fans seeking historical marching band contest scores. Visit the Events section for current year event information.

DATE: Saturday, August 18, 2001
EVENT: Kentucky: Kentucky State Fair Band Day, 
       Louisville (Cardinal Stadium, 
       Kentucky State Fairgrounds)
JUDGING BY: Assembled Panel

Class A-1
53.80 Gallatin County (Guard, Perc)

Class A-2
66.00 Butler County (Guard)
63.20 Saint Xavier (Perc)
56.70 Dayton

Class A-3
74.40 Nelson County (Guard, Perc)
52.10 Monroe County
48.70 Edmonson County

Class A-4
60.10 Holmes (Guard, Perc)

Class AA
74.10 Calloway County (Guard)
70.30 Simon Kenton (Perc)
67.10 Perry Central, IN

Class AAA
74.85 Louisville Ballard
66.55 Lawrence County (Perc)
62.00 West Jessamine (Guard)

ROY E. BOSSER AWARD: Saint Xavier 
BEST KENTUCKY BAND: Louisville Ballard
THE GOVERNOR'S CUP: Louisville Ballard 

Thanks to Robert Rawlings for this information.

DATE: Friday, August 31, 2001
EVENT: New York: New York State Fair 
       Parade Championship, Syracuse
JUDGING BY: NY State Federation of Contest Judges

97.00 Edwards-Knox HS, NY 
96.50 Johnson City HS, NY 
91.00 Oppenheim-Ephratah HS, NY 
90.50 Amsterdam HS, NY 
84.00 Vestal HS, NY 

Drum Major Team: 1st Amsterdam, 2nd Vestal 
Drum Majorette: 1st Edwards-Knox, 2nd Oppenheim-Ephratah 
Color Guard: 1st Edwards-Knox, 2nd Johnson City 
Best Twirling Unit: Johnson City 

Thanks to Jon Armstrong for this information.

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