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These archived pages are kept online as a service to marching band fans seeking historical marching band contest scores. Visit the Events section for current year event information.

DATE: Saturday, May 24, 2003
EVENT: New York: 30th Batavia Pageant of Bands, 
       Batavia (Batavia HS)
JUDGING BY: NY State Federation of Contest Judges

Class AA
95.50 Hilton HS, NY (Drum Major, Guard)

Class A
97.25 Medina HS, NY (Drum Major)
91.50 Albion HS, NY (Guard)

Class B
89.50 Marcus Whitman HS, NY (Guard)
88.00 Pembroke HS, NY (Drum Major)
70.50 Pioneer HS, Yorkshire, NY
69.50 Genesee Valley HS, Angelica, NY
68.50 Byron-Bergen HS, NY

Class C
82.00 Arkport HS, NY (Drum Major, Guard)

Open Class
79.50 Lima Christian School, NY (Drum Major, Guard)

JHS Class A
82.50 Lancaster Middle School, NY (Drum Major, Guard)

JHS Class B
70.00 East Aurora Middle School, NY (Drum Major, Guard)

90.00 Medina HS, NY

89.50 Arkport HS, NY
88.50 Medina HS, NY

94.25 Medina HS, NY

FIELD BAND (Indoor standstill due to wet field)
98.10 Medina HS, NY

High School Class
99.50 Hilton HS, NY
90.80 Arkport HS, NY

JHS Class
90.50 Lancaster Middle School, NY

97.40 Medina HS, NY
92.30 Marcus Whitman HS, NY
88.00 Byron-Bergen HS, NY
87.20 Albion HS, NY

Class AA
191.0 Hilton HS Wind Ensemble, NY
179.0 Hilton HS Symphonic Band, NY

Class A
194.0 Medina HS, NY
183.0 Albion HS, NY

Class B
166.0 Pembroke HS, NY
162.0 Barker HS, NY
158.5 Marcus Whitman HS, NY

Class C
145.0 Arkport HS, NY

JHS Class A
185.0 Lancaster Middle School, NY
181.5 Medina Middle School, NY

JHS Class B
153.5 Marcus Whitman Middle School, NY
142.0 Arkport Middle School, NY

Class AA
148.00 Hilton HS, NY (Brass, Soloist-Nick Brazer)

Class A
147.83 Medina HS, NY (Rhythm Section, Woodwinds)
140.33 Albion HS, NY

Class B
133.50 Royalton-Hartland HS, NY
131.00 Marcus Whitman HS, NY
124.83 Pembroke HS, NY

JHS Class A
137.67 Medina Middle School, NY (Rhythm Section, Brass, 
   Woodwinds, Soloist-Brendan Stacy)
136.17 Lancaster Middle School, NY

HS: Medina HS, NY
JHS: Lancaster Midde School, NY

Thanks to Jonathan Armstrong for this information.

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