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Marching Band Photos photo galleries feature pictures of marching bands, drum corps and winter guards.

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Home > Photos > 2019 Corso Zundert Flower Parade Photos

See the gigantic floats from the 2019 Corso Zundert flower parade

(September 1, 2019, Zundert, The Netherlands)
Towering sculptures covered with up to 500,000 dahlia blooms and rising up to three stories tall once again showcased Dutch creativity during the annual "Corso Zundert." This year's lineup of magnificent floats presented a fresh batch of concepts that were interpreted in creative ways. The floats were built and decorated by neighborhood hamlets that carry on the community's deeply rooted tradition which began in 1936.

First prize went to "Vikings" which featured a dramatic fleet of ships filled with imposing figures and amazing ornamental details. Second prize overall plus first place in the People's Choice voting went to "Cursed," a foreboding swamp scene that magically came to life through sophisticated animation and with human actors cleverly embedded in the trees. Other top winners featured a group of zebras hiding in tall grass, and a group of sock puppets that convincingly seemed to be woven from textured fabrics rather than flowers. All 20 floats are pictured here in order of appearance. Also see 2019 Corso Zundert marching band photos.

For more information, visit and see archived flower parade content on

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To The Market by Buurtschap Poteind - 2019 Corso Zundert

To The Market by Buurtschap Poteind - 2019 Corso Zundert
"To The Market" by Buurtschap Poteind

Baby Steps by Buurtschap Helpt Elkander - 2019 Corso Zundert

Baby Steps by Buurtschap Helpt Elkander - 2019 Corso Zundert
"Baby Steps" by Buurtschap Helpt Elkander

Reef by Buurtschap Rijsbergen - 2019 Corso Zundert

Reef by Buurtschap Rijsbergen - 2019 Corso Zundert
"Reef" by Buurtschap Rijsbergen

Sock Puppets by Buurtschap Molenstraat - 2019 Corso Zundert

Sock Puppets by Buurtschap Molenstraat - 2019 Corso Zundert
"Sock Puppets" by Buurtschap Molenstraat

Terracotta Army by Buurtschap 't Stuk - 2019 Corso Zundert

Terracotta Army by Buurtschap 't Stuk - 2019 Corso Zundert
"Terracotta Army" by Buurtschap 't Stuk

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