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Halftime Magazine celebrates the spirit of marching band

Publication strives to support music education while it informs and entertains

Halftime Magazine Cover July-August 2007 OCT. 3, 2007 — A glossy new magazine covering all things marching is now available. Halftime Magazine debuted with its July/August 2007 issue, providing a well-rounded look at topics of interest to marching students, directors, alumni and fans.

The colorful magazine will be published six times per year. Planned topics will highlight all facets of the marching activity, including high school, college, drum corps, winter guard, percussion, parade and field.

Feature stories in the premiere issue covered crazy college band traditions, an inside look at five top drum & bugle corps, and movies that feature marching bands. In addition to featured topics, ongoing department articles cover areas such as fitness, equipment and student leadership.

Founder and publisher Christine Ngeo Katzman says she has already received many positive comments from people who are glad to have discovered the publication.

Halftime Magazine Publisher Christine Ngeo Katzman "The most satisfying thing about launching Halftime Magazine is the ability to meet and support the endeavors of a lot of great people," Katzman says. "Every band and every person has a story. We've already uncovered a lot of great stories that would never have been told. The directors and students are so excited and grateful when they are interviewed or write for the magazine."

Halftime Magazine welcomes suggestions of stories to cover in future issues. Use the contact form on the magazine's website if you want to submit a story idea.

Katzman says the mission of Halftime Magazine goes beyond the content of the magazine. A portion of subscription sales will be donated to band programs throughout the country.

"Halftime Magazine has a social mission to support music education and the marching arts, not just write about them," Katzman says. "This is my chance to give back to the community—through sponsorships and donations—to make sure that music education continues to thrive."

Katzman holds a degree in journalism from Northwestern University and recently earned her MBA from the University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business. While at Northwestern, she played flute in the Northwestern University Marching Band and performed at the 1996 Rose Bowl and 1997 Citrus Bowl.

"If I could march for a living, I would. But since I can't, I found that starting a magazine is the next best thing to combine my passion for the marching arts and my talent as a journalist."

In conjunction with the bimonthly print edition, Halftime Magazine offers additional content online at

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